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How Much things cost in 1966 Yearly Inflation Rate USA 3.01%

Year End Close Dow Jones Industrial Average 785 Average Cost of new house $14,200.00 Average Income per year $6,900.00 Gas per Gallon 32 cents Average Cost of a new car $2,650.00 Dishwasher$119.95 Parker Pen Set $11.95

1966 For Sale Adverts

Giant 25 inch Color TV and Entertainment Center $869.99

London Look Double Breasted Pea Coat $15.94

Swinging Look Twill Ladies separates From $6.98

Francie Barbie's Trendy Cousin From $1.67 to $2.69

Trendy 60s Ladies Jumpers From $5.84 to $7.84

Portable B/W 19 inch TV$119.95

Brut By Faberge Aftershave $5.00

Ladies Plastic 60's Coat with flash of black and white $24.90

Mens Paisley Shirts $2.94

Polaroid Cameras

Polaroid Cameras Black and White $17.44 Color $69.88

These are some of the things you may have seen advertised Below and how much food and groceries cost in the 60's
Apples 49 cents for 3 pounds   Wisconsin 1963
Asparagus 19 cents per pound Wisconsin 1963
Bacon 79 cents per pound New Jersey 1966
Bananas 19 cents for 2 pound   Maryland    1960
Bananas 10 cents per pound Wisconsin 1963
Banquet Frozen Dinners 39 cents Wisconsin 1963
Beef Chuck Roast 49 cents per pound Wisconsin 1963
Broiler Chickens 29 cents per pound Massachusetts 1965
California Grapes 14 cents per pound Massachusetts 1965
Cambells Soup 89 cents for 6 cans Massachusetts 1965
Carrots 15 cents per pound New Jersey 1966
carrots 29 cents for 4 pounds Massachusetts 1965
Cheerios 25 cents per pk California 1961
Cheerios Cereal 28 cents per pk New Jersey 1966
Chicken 29 cents per pound Wisconsin 1963
Colby Cheese 39 cents per pound Oregon 1963
Colby Cheese 39 cents per pound Wisconsin 1963
Corn 6 for 25 cents Florida 1960
Del Monte Peaches 29 cents per can      1960
Eggs 55 cents per dozen New Jersey 1966
Egg Nog 69 cents per quart Massachusetts 1965
Fast Food Hamburger 20 cents New York 1962
Flour 49 cents for 5 pounds Maryland 1960
Fresh Carrots 9 cents per bunch Massachusetts 1965
Fresh Eggs 49 cents per dozen Maryland 1960
Frozen Chicken Pies 29 cents California 1966
Frozen Cod Fillets 33 cents per pound Wisconsin 1963
French fries, Birdseye, frozen 89 cents for 9 ounces New Jersey 1966
Frozen French Fried Potatoes 10 cents for 8 ounces Massachusetts 1965
Gerbers baby Food 25 cents for 3 California 1966
Green Peppers 5 cents each Wisconsin 1963
Ground Beef 45 cents per pound Wisconsin 1963
Ham 39 cents per pound Wisconsin 1963
Heinz Catsup 28 cents Massachusetts 1965
Heinz Ketchup 22 cents California 1966
Hickory Smoked Hams 49 cents per pound Maryland 1960
Ice Cream 79 cents half gallon Washington 1964
Jello 35 cents for 4 pks Maryland 1960
Kielbasa 59 cents per pound Wisconsin 1963
Kraft Deluxe Dinner 39 cents Wisconsin 1963
Kraft Miracle Whip 51 cents Maryland 1960
Kraft Processed Cheese 39 cents 8 ounces California 1966
Lamb Chops 89 cents per pound Wisconsin 1963
Land O Lakes Butter 67 cents per pound Maryland 1960
Large Eggs 45 cents per dozen Wisconsin 1963


How Much Cars Cost In The 60's and some without prices:

Buick Skylark GS $2,596 1966 Dodge Coronet 440 $2,264 1966  Ford Bronco 4 Wheel Drive $2499 1966  Ford Fairlane $2195 1966  Ford Falcon $2118 1966  Ford Galaxie Convertible $2368 1966  Ford Mustang 2 door hardtop $2368 1966  Ford T Bird $3774 1966  Ford 100 Pickup $1795 1966  Oldsmobile "98" Town sedan $3,399 New Jersey 1966  Plymouth Belvedere Satellite $2,695 1966  Triumph TR6 $3,275 1966

Buick Riviera 1963 A boys toy in the 60's modern world Prices From $4,300
Power steering , power brakes, air conditioning, cruise control, power windows and this was in the 60's

Pontiac Firebird Transam 1969 One of The Coolest Car from the 60's Prices From $4,366
This car still looks every bit of a muscle car today as it did then

Ford Galaxie 500XL Skyliner With large engines , sporty feel and luxury Cost $3350.00 in 1962
A change in how Ford marketed cars started with the Galaxie and amongst other things the large round tail lights which appeared on later models of Falcon and Fairlane

Chevrolet Corvette The First two seater sports car from General Motors The All American Sports car with Fiberglass Bodyshell and V8 Engine

Ford GT 40 Ford with help from Lola Racing The GT40 was developed with just 1 thing in mind to win the Le Mans 24hr Race and Beat Ferrari but the road cars still achieved 0 to 60 in 5 seconds

Jaguar E Type Truly one of the great classic cars to appear in the 60's Price From $5990 in 1960
This had to be one of the most recognized sports cars in the world in the 60's which came in Soft Roadster and Fixed Head Coupe versions

Alfa Romeo Spider The Same Price as an E Type but remembered by many as the car from the Graduate and the music of Simon and Garfunkel ntroduced in 1966 it's very own unique Italian styling

Austin Mini Coopper S This was one of the cars that epitomized the 60's and who can forget the original Italian Job Price Mini Cooper $1595 and Mini Cooper S $1950
With it's front wheel drive and small size with terrific handling it put many larger and more powerful cars in their place and earned the place of many hearts from the Boomer Generation

BMW Isetta Bubble Car Price $2,250 Popular as a second car with a 300CC motorbike engine giving 80MPG and a top speed of 55MPH

Chevrolet Impala Just look at those wings not as big and brassy as the 50's but still striking
It became the most popular car in America in the 60's fitted with V8 engines and wide range of options including Power Steering , Air Conditioning , White Wall Tyres and nobody cared that gas mileage was 12 to 15 MPG gas was still cheap in those days

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Sometimes Car Critics get it wrong they criticized this 1969 car with a vengeance but the public loved it and bought nearly 40,000 of themTrue Big blocks and the power of a true muscle car with 327 block or 427 block

Datsun Fairlady When is an MGB not an MGB when it's a DatsunA good example of how the Japanese car makers adapted and improved , when this came out it was under powered and compared with the MGB but after a number of years the Datsun Fairlady improved beyond recognition into a reasonable machine

Dodge Charger RT The Muscle Car from the 60's Fast with 7.2 Litre Engine and looks to match
One of the most prized collectors cars from the 60's and it also featured in the movie Bullitt

Ford Falcon 1960 Ford and America first Compact Car with mass appeal Cost $1975.00 in 1960
Ford created the Falcon as a compact with great gas mileage and the sales confirmed they were correct with close to 1/5 million sales in its first year

Ford Galaxie 500XL Skyliner With large engines , sporty feel and luxury Cost $3350.00 in 1962
A change in how Ford marketed cars started with the Galaxie and amongst other things the large round tail lights which appeared on later models of Falcon and Fairlane

Car Radio All Transistor Portable Car Radio $63.50 High quality all transistor car radio for car, truck, boat, home or sports events. Change from 12 volt car radio to a powerful portable radio using set of 6 batteries



1966 Portable Dishwasher
Price: $239.95
Description No plumbing, no wiring. Rolls to sink, hose snaps onto faucet and it drains into the sink. Same "hurricane" washing with individualized four cycle choice. Includes automatic detergent and rinsing dispensers. Has a maple cutting top that adds decorative and practical work surface. It has an oven-type door and the racks come out separately for easier loading. Colors are white enamel, coppertone enamel, or light beige steel.

1966 Spanish Pendant Lamp
Price: $57.00
Description Spanish inspired drape-chain pendant has six "hammered" glass panels, two each in blue, amber and amethyst. Elegant antique finish and brass metal parts. The lamp is ten by twenty inches and has a fifteen foot matching chain.



Men’s fashions:

From 1962 Striped Top Price: $2.90
Description Intriguing variation of the striped theme. Expressed in muted tones. Painstaking detailing matches stripes perfectly at mitered corners. Continental collar and open neckline give a relaxed casual appearance. Pullover style with hidden loop neck closure. Vented sides.

From 1962 Suede Coat Price: $29.50
Description Warm quilt-lined coat of finest New Zealand leather, Quilon treated to repel water, Quilon treated to repel water, non-oily stains. Lined with acetate quilted over rayon. Bi-swing pleated back. Smooth leather collar. Leather buttons. Colors are tan or rust.


From 1963 Men's Embroidered Shirts$3.80 - $4.80
Description Special styling creates this distinctive three-dimensional embroidery. So neat, so rich looking it resembles finest hand workmanship. Adds a rich elegance to these sport shirts. Regular spread top-stitched collar with permanent stays. Square-cut adjustable cuffs. Types to choose from include Sporty waist-length shirt, 1963 Schiffli award winner pleated shirt and the Schiffli heraldic design shirt.

From 1963 Whipcord Sport Suit Price: $26.50
Description A hard finished rayon and acetate fabric in a subtle diagonal weave. Handsomely tailored along traditional lines and accented with a smart contrasting handkerchief in breast pocket that matches coat lining. Three-button coat with patch flap pockets, natural shoulders and hook vent back. Colorful rayon lining. With matching pointed model vest. Plain front trousers. Comes in black or dark olive.


from 1964 Cardigan Blazer Price: $18.50
Description Cardigan rayon blazers. Rakish collarless style. Rayon ascot matches the lining. Colors are Dante red with a figured ascot or indigo blue with a polka-dot ascot.

From 1964 Slim Taper Shirt Price: $2.96
Description Slim taper shirt has a Lawton-Ivy collar and is a medium point button-down with button, hanger loop, and a box-pleat in back. Made with oxford cloth and comes in maize, tan, blue or white.


From 1965 Pullover Wind Jacket Price: $4.77
Description Pullover with zip pouch. ZePel finish repels water and oil-borne stains. Has elastic cuffs. Colors are antique bronze, pirate black, gridiron green, electric blue, navy blue, vintage wine, and hunter's red.

From 1965 Skinny Slacks Price: $6.60
Description These slacks are cut, cued and tapered for young, swingin' tastes because they're slim at the thigh and knee and then pared down to about fourteen inch, cuffless, hemmed bottoms. Each pair is finished to your exact inseam to insure custom-like fit and custom-like comfort. Colors are black, charcoal gray or heather brown.


From 1966 Granny Print Long Sleeve Shirt: $3.92
Description "Granny Prints" make a comeback in a most unusual way. High-band collar has short points, buttons front and back. Box pleat. Colors are honey maize or red.

From 1966 Zipper Neck Velour Shirt Price: $8.92
Description Big zipper at neck and broad chest stripe mark this shirt as a real style leader. Wide spread double fabric collar, ribbed cuffs, bottom. Colors are blue with brass stripe and cranberry with a navy stripe.



From 1965 Cape Jacket Suit Price: $27.90
Description Cape-jacket suit flaunts a bold-spirit, a new excitement... one of the season's most dramatic fashions. Well-tailored in black and white herringbone-tweed of wool and nylon. Fully lined jacket dashed with double-buttons, slash pockets, buckle-belt. Seat-lined skirt has zephyr zipper.

From 1965 Mary Lewis Jumper Price: $7.90
Description A luxuriously soft wool flannel fashion designed with a graceful A-line silhouette and detailed with jewel-neckline and back zipper. Its striking simplicity attests to its complete versatility; wear it unadorned or with jewelry; wear it with blouses, shirts, sweaters or other knits. Colors to choose from include cherry red, medium taupe brown, deep Copen blue, moss green or black.


From 1966 Mandarin Collar Fashion Suit
Price: $21.97
Description Mandarin-collared and marked for glamour with loop-closing, mock-belt, scallops. Heather-tone tweed of wool, acrylic and rayon. Lined jacket; seat-lined skirt, zip. Choose from heather green or heather blue.

From 1966 Velvet Bodice Dress Price: $18.90
Description The velvet touch. Bodice of Lyons-type rayon velvet has a graceful neckline that dips into a "V" in back... tops a sash and skirt of gleaming acetate satin. Dress is fully lined with acetate. Color combinations include deep forest green bodice, aqua sash and white skirt or burgundy red bodice, pink sash and white skirt

1962 Stereo Hi-Fi Console
Price: $94.95
Description Not just ordinary stereo with small side speakers, but fully balanced high-fidelity sound. And it's portable, too. Three matched six-inch speakers give you full-range sound treatment, for better instrument placement, better sound, and better stereo. Swing out for dramatic all-in-one stereo or separate for greater depth. High-fidelity stereo amplifiers boost power. Syntronic four speed record changer even shuts itself off after last record has played. Dual-point diamond and synthetic sapphire needle gives you lasting record protection. Volume control, two tone and balance controls. Compact, clean appearance with speaker clips and handle at the
rear of the cabinet.

1961 Pole Lamps
Price: $9.46 - $17.47
Description Light your way to a more glamorous home with pole lamps. Various styles, shapes and colors are available each ready to match any decor. Choose between lantern style lamps and multiple matching lamps.